Trauma Informed Mental Health Support

We offer psychological transformation through trauma skilled practice and trauma enhanced practice.

This service particularly suits people who are exhausted by psychosis induced by various factors including the plurality of traumas especially where racial trauma and poverty intersect; where people are isolated and have trauma associated with living away from home and having to adapt to new surroundings; – all of these which thereby cause PTSD, Impact on mental health and well-being and make everyday life challenging.

Our staff are highly skilled and have completed nationally recognised training, are culturally aware of diverse backgrounds and identities and because of this, are therefore culturally competent to bring forth a productive and effective working relationship that integrates cultural experiences and intersecting identities into a faith sensitive, culturally informed and culturally specific one to one mental and emotional trauma informed support and service that suits.

Please note that appointments for single PTSD are for 6 weeks; complex PTSD are 12-16 weeks