In acknowledging the negative impact of mental wellness and the specific needs of African women our ultimate goal is to inspire, motivate and elevate women to heal, transform and be a part of their communities in a way that boosts their wellbeing through a weekly free to access group support space that is held every Friday. We have designed the space to suit women who want to decompress, encourage others and be encouraged; who want to empower others, as well as be empowered, who want to share wisdom and learn from each other; who want to meet other women to connect, to hangout, to make friends, and build relationships.

This space is designed to support and improve mental health and well-being and reduce isolation– where women can come and be themselves with their peers away from the daily challenges present in their lives and participate in opportunities for social bonding whilst participating in activities and events that promote mental well-being, promote positive lifestyle choices and promote social relationships and support easy access to local community services, opportunities in volunteering, mentoring, training paid employment, and endless other learning opportunities, and also promoting cultural exchanges through travel, food and the arts– all of which make women feel more confident and connected to each other and to the community and has a positive psychological impact on women.

All of the group’s activities are informed by the interests of the women attending; and where issues are raised by the women, these issues form the focus of our Personal Development Mentoring and Workshops.

This self managing safe space is for you;

⚪️ If you have been trapped or broken by any life situation
⚪️ If you are exhausted and looking for support that offers a way out
⚪️ If you are recovering from the aftermath of some things
⚪️ If you have done a mentoring session with us and are looking for sisterhood and a community to belong to
⚪️ if you are ready to change the course of your life and are looking for a positive change and opportunities in career or education
⚪️ If you want to improve on your English speaking skills by talking to other women
⚪️ If you want to learn about cultures and experiences that are different from yours
You are valued in this space. Your story is valid in this space. There is no judgment in this space. Looking forward to bonding with you.

We work in a faith sensitive and culturally sensitive manner in this space and we also tailor our support to meet the individual needs of women outside of the support group. Just ask.

We improve the lives of women because we know that in doing that we’re improving the lives of their children and families too”

CEO Project Esperanza