Sista Circle Mentoring

Our expert led mentoring practice is service user focussed and explores the many facets of womanhood and women’s health and healing with the aim of empowering women to take control of their lives and well-being.

Our mentoring programmes are especially tailored to be culturally appropriate and relevant to the many and sometimes complex needs around the overall transformation, health and well-being of African women; and designed also to inspire, motivate, elevate and help women manage, be informed, not feel lost or alone and most importantly to assist women in mentally transitioning to an elevated and positive place.

The sessions are run either by telephone, online, in person/face to face or as structured virtual or in person focus groups.

Self-management Mentoring (Group).

A session tailored around taking responsibility for one’s choices and well-being; and coping regardless of any life situation. The session is geared towards empowering the service user with emotional, spiritual and practical support that empowers them to take responsibility for their day to day life and wellbeing.

The session may can be tailored to one individual’s needs in a one to one session. Tele-mentoring option available.

One session with the option of face-to-face mentoring or e-mentoring. Session is 1 hour.

Self-transformation Mentoring. The sessions equip participants with life changing methods or tools and a positive mindset that will help to recover from trauma and show up for life, moving forward, planning for desires, dreams and an independent and positive future.

On offer in these sessions are stress management & problem solving techniques, accountability, setting boundaries, effective coping strategies, effective communication strategies, positive thinking, managing physical and mental health, wellbeing & self care methods-all of which aid in improving self-esteem, confidence building, decision making, setting boundaries, being assertive, self validation, communication skills, and the opportunity to embrace the beautiful abundance that life has to offer. Where appropriate, We prioritise operating from a cultural perspective and explore Afrocentric approaches to healing and wellness because this aids in reconnecting with identity and the true self on the journey to transformation.

Six sessions over six days, run either by e-mentoring or face-to-face mentoring. One to one and groups available

*please note that these sessions are not intended to be a substitute for professional mental health advice, therapy or counselling.