Listening Space

Our aim is to preserve and protect good mental health through the provision of a consistent, non judgmental, private and confidential one to one listening service that supports women through depression, chronic anxiety and stress, chronic physical illness, self harm, negative thoughts due to trauma or psychosis induced by a number of factors which thereby cause PTSD, Impact on mental health and well-being and make everyday life challenging.

Whatever one may be going through; If people have something on their mind and need us to listen, we offer a space for people to speak about anything with trained listeners. All of our staff and volunteer listeners are highly experienced, knowledgeable, work in a professional manner, have completed nationally recognised training, are culturally aware of diverse backgrounds and identities and because of this, are therefore culturally competent to bring forth a productive and effective working relationship that integrates cultural experiences and intersecting identities into a faith sensitive, culturally informed and culturally specific one to one mental and emotional support service that suits. This service is available in several languages.

*please note that these sessions are not intended to be a substitute for professional mental health advice, therapy or counselling.

We follow up with a weekly Well-being Check for anyone that has accessed this service to talk through immediate needs or concerns and offer practical support, resources and guidance for as long as needed.