How You Can Support Us

Here are some ways that you can get involved in helping us develop our services, expand our work and commit to initiatives that make a positive impact to women of African heritage and their families.

⚪️Fundraising: you can help fundraise in our our fundraiser activities. TEXT FUNDRAISING

⚪️Partner with us: We have a strong belief in afrocentricism to encourage the preservation and elevation of African identity and cultures and we want this to show through some of our work. Therefore; we aim to always promote afrocentric approaches for healing and transformation and seek professionals who will share their expertise using this mode to deliver self care, mental health and wellness sessions. If this is you TEXT PARTNERSHIP

⚪️Donate: We really could also use your financial support because some of the work we do also costs money. £200 pays for one woman’s (NRPF) transport costs to access our services once a week for year. £360 pays for an interpreter for a woman whose first language is not English, for one hour, once a week for one year. £25 guarantees one woman a small bag of culturally appropriate food essentials to feed her family for two days at least. £50 Pays for childcare for one woman with one child to access mental health support or a mentoring session of up to an hour undistracted. £150 pays for childcare for one woman with children to attend the woman’s group space for up to three hours undistracted. Monthly donations help us to plan ahead and budget accordingly, otherwise ; we’re ever so grateful for any amount donated either as a one-off or monthly. Please make cheques payable to Project Esperanza SCIO. Cheques may be sent to our office at Project Esperanza 525 Ferry Road, Edinburgh, EH5 2FF. Our Facebook also has a Donate function. or TEXT DONATE

You can also help us by sharing your resources or donate towards our welcome packs which consist of household, well-being and hygiene essentials (period products and toiletries, bath towels, bath loofers, sponge, shower flip flops, Internet dongles, phone credit, bus passes, art supplies, journals, notebooks, colouring books, stationary (colouring pencils pens, pencils), cuddly toys, artificial plants, water bottle, mugs, coasters, teaspoons, kitchen towels, plates, teas, tea strainer, hot chocolate, kettle, hat, scarf and gloves) TEXT DONATE

⚪️Follow us on social media and drop a review on how we’re doing.