Conversation Café & ESOL

We host a range of classes- our English conversation café sessions began in January 2022. After that we launched the ESOL classes for women with a low command of English language; who are prone to loneliness because of the language barrier. These sessions and classes have attracted a very large and diverse group with women fro all over the world. We’re proud to say that we have 22 combined languages in this group.

Our specific aim within this space is to breakdown the barriers of social isolation for women at risk of social exclusion that consequently leads to poor mental health by promoting integration through the use of English language and making basic English language classes available to women who want to improve on English speaking skills and learn to express themselves freely and with confidence, and be free to discuss anything, share their highs and lows of life and all aspects of womanhood with other women, as well as taking bolder steps and seizing opportunities in life without the barrier of language.

To attend the class please register here