Systems Advocacy. Our independent advocacy service knows no borders because racial prejudice and oppression continues to exist and continues to create barriers and inequalities that affect women in many areas. As evidence does suggest that inequalities are contributory factors to the cycle of hardship and hinder a healthy life expectancy, we like to be involved in work that reduces barriers and inequalities; and influences decision makers to address the health, social and economic inequalities that affect women and their families.

How we get it done…
⚪️We consult with Local Authority and Voluntary Sector;
-to exercise intervention & prevention of unnecessary hardship
-to influence a change in societal perceptions to do away with dehumanising migrants
-to influence government U-turn on policies, workplace procedures, workplace practices and responses that negatively impact people
-to seek ways in which we can together challenge the various issues that affect women, their families, their communities and the wider community.

Individual Advocacy. We care about the wider needs and overall well-being of women and our aim within advocacy is to improve health, social and economic outcomes and ensure that women have a voice, and their voice is used to inform service providers and wider society; and bring an insight into how their lives are affected by being overlooked or neglected.

How we get it done…

⚪️We support women to speak up for themselves by highlighting their experiences and ensuring that they are part of the conversations taking place about them.
⚪️We make sure that the voices of those women who otherwise are unable to speak up for themselves are heard so that they too can highlight their experiences and be included in conversations taking place about them.
⚪️We create opportunities for women to meet and speak up for themselves in groups, in a non conflict manner, mostly using some literary art forms.
⚪️We assist women to access services/local services that they may have difficulty in accessing but could otherwise benefit from.
We work with lawyers to protect women’s rights.