Project Esperanza has been a credible force for good that has been dedicated to bringing positive change to the lives of women living in the United Kingdom since 2016. The service was run voluntarily as a pilot for five years before acquiring charitable status to assess the need for culturally appropriate support services because there were gaps in the services available specifically for Black and African women in Scotland. We now operate as a womanist initiative as well as a leading Scottish registered charity that is committed to the promotion of equality and diversity by raising awareness, challenging and reducing health and social inequalities through the provision of specific, specialist, faith sensitive, culturally appropriate and practical mental health, well-being and integration support and services to women and families of African heritage living in North Edinburgh.

Our Vision encompasses a commitment to the advancement of citizenship through integration activities; to the relief of those in need by reason of age, ill health, disability, financial hardship, and other disadvantages; and to promote and preserve the African culture and heritage through creative, nutrition, beauty and wellness arts.

Our Mission is to ensure that our vision makes positive impact through the unique and powerful ways that we show up to empower people and communities; and also in the ways in which we inspire opportunities for ACTION that promotes inclusion, but most importantly inclusion without bias so that people are able to build meaningful lives and positive relationships in the wider community.

Our mission is also to work collaboratively and regularly with partners and professionals who believe in and are willing to work in-line with our mission and vision; and partners and professionals who make diversity, inclusion, and the elimination of racial oppression a priority and who advance racial harmony in the community by encouraging acceptance of newly arrived families and helping them settle in their new communities in Edinburgh; and partners and professionals who want to demonstrate cultural awareness and who opt to exercise cultural sensitivity when working alongside women, families and communities of African heritage.

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“We improve the lives of women and empower women because women are needed for the stability of the home, women are the backbone of communities and women shape the future”

CEO Project Esperanza